Pumps Supply Company. Born as an alternative of quality and reliability to cover the specific needs in residential pump systems, commercial, industrial, irrigation, fire protection, sewage and drinking water management, established in 2003 we have the support of the leading brands in the market (Xylem, Bell & Gosset, Gould´s, Flygt, AC-Fire, Flojet, Jabsco, Franklin Electric, Little Giant, Grundfos, DAB, Cornell, Q-Pumps).

Water is the essential element for life on the planet; of how we use this valuable resource to return it in optimum conditions to the nature, that depends on the future of humanity.
 In Pumps Supply Company we are committed to the proper use and reuse of this resource; to help with this, we have set as its main mission the “provide the best solutions for pumping equipment and accessories, allowing you to optimize the systems of conduction and distribution of clean water for human consumption, commercial and industrial; as well as also, the proper handling and treatment of water used for its return to the environment”.
 To do this, we have the expert advice by our team and we have established business partnerships with manufacturers of prestige at international level; which allows us to ensure the provision of efficient pumping equipment and advanced technology; This, not only the satisfaction of our customers, but also the preservation of our environment with solutions that save energy.

Convert to our company in the first option so our customers can obtain a solution in pumping systems.
 With them and our suppliers to build long-term relationships that allow us to together, the achievement of our objectives. Respect / is the beginning of a healthy coexistence.

Honesty / Towards ourselves, our company, with our customers and suppliers. Teamwork / Working together, with a common goal more quickly achieve our goals. Discipline / Always focusing our effort in the daily work, allowing to fulfill our mission. Passion / Because the taste and emotion we feel for our work will allow to always be motivated in the pursuit of our goals.