World leader in the manufacture of residential, commercial and industrial applications
for pumping equipment; as well as for drinking water and agricultural irrigation.


World leader in the manufacture of efficient pumps, valves, heat exchangers with
accessories, for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.


Manufacturer of centrifugal pumps of high quality, accessories and complete
prefabricated systems that had the needs of the equipment against fire regulated
(FM & UL).


World leader in engineering, design and manufacturing of submersible pumps, mixers
and intelligent control systems, experts in management of wastewater and bilge


Leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, for the food industry,
pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics sanitary pumps.


Global leader in the manufacture of diaphragm pumps and magnetic for drinks
dispensers, as well as industry in general.


We produce complete solutions for biological wastewater treatment,
including diffused aeration, batch systems reactor sequencing
and membrane bioreactor systems for water treatment facilities
municipal and industrial waste.


world leader in providing fully automatic self-priming pumps used
temporary and permanent applications. Godwin rents and sells a range
full diesel and electric pumps for water extraction and transfer
liquid in mining, construction, municipal and industrial markets.


World leading manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfection systems (UV)
oxidation and ozone (O2), monitoring and control systems for disinfection
drinking water and wastewater.


World leader in the design and supply of gravity filtration systems,
clarification and desnitrización, as well as sludge collection systems
and recovery of wastewater for irrigation.


Global leader in the manufacture of pumps and submersible motors, as well as a full
range of pumping systems for constant pressure, for residential and commercial


Manufacturer of submersible pumps for ponds and fountains, ideal for landscaping, as
well as effluent and sewage systems.


Global leader in water management technology. His passion is to create and operate
pump systems that combine: innovation, cost-efficiency and reliability. They have
a complete line of products and systems for the supply, treatment and distribution
of drinking water, as well as for the management and treatment of the Residual water.


Founded in 1975 in Italy, DAB Pumps is a world leader in the distribution and
manufacture of equipment for circulation, pumping and extraction of water. Its main
business covers design, production and sale of hydraulic pumps with high standards of
quality and efficiency.


Development of high-efficiency pumps more than the standard in the market. Cornell Pump has been identified as a mark of prestige, characterized mainly by its innovation and
development of robust, reliable and highly efficient products.


Dedicated to the manufacture of sanitary pumping equipment (centrifugal, positive displacement, self-priming and mixers), with the aim of offering the best solution to their
processes within the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, since all of our products have licenses that certify their highest quality and guarantee its use for 100%
hygienic fluids management.


Dedicated to the elaboration of pumping equipments (Duplex, Triplex, etc.) to maintain
constant pressure and variable speed in any kind of property, without limitation of size,
always made to measure and needs of the client.


Dedicated to the production of control panels to manage automatic operation of
pumping systems to maintain constant pressure and variable speed on the property.


Global company, leading vanguard in design and manufacture of variable frequency
drives and accessories applied to pumping systems.


Monitoring in pumping systems , level switches or septic system alarm control panels
with variable speed drives for residential and commercial applications pumping.


Aerzen innovations are the force behind the development of the technology of compressors. Today it is one of the oldest and most important manufacturers of blowers,
compressors and rotary piston gas meters, as well as turbo blowers.


World leader in energy technologies and automation,
based in Zurich, Switzerland to operate in over 100


For more than 80 years, Baldor offers its customers the
best value and reliability in high-efficiency industrial
electric motors and controls.


Since 1913, has developed a reputation for his designs of
conservative engines and products of high engineering in
a large field of commercial and industrial applications.


Combination of carefully selected materials and features
to provide a reliable, efficient and long-lasting engine.


One of the most respected brands in the industry of
motor, synonymous with exceptional reliability and
performance, is recognized as the mark of leadership
and technological innovation in industrial engines.


Latin American manufacturer of electric motors, operates
in the sectors of: speed variation, power distribution
and automation of industrial processes.