Market Areas

We have a wide range of products covering any need that the customer demands , our sectors include:

(Pumping Systems for Drinking Water Pumping Systems for Commercial and Residential, Pump Systems for Industry , pumping systems for irrigation Pumping Systems for Fire Prevention Equipment and Pumping Systems Wastewater treatment).


Clean water. The extraction, supply and distribution of clean water requires increasingly more pumping technology and maximum efficiency equipment to be able to save energy. We have complete solutions in vertical and submersible pumps, horizontal, centrifugal pumps and pumping stations for this purpose.


Commercial and residential. Wide range of pumping equipment to do the basic needs in the home, buildings, schools, offices and shopping malls, from pumps to increase pressure and hot water circulation, until complete ice water pressurization systems.


Industry.  The industry requires real solutions that represent a significant energy saving. We have the more efficient equipment for transfer of water for general services, cooling of machines, systems of air conditioning and condensation, systems of hot water, and specific pumps for the process in the chemistry or food industry and procces in general.


Irrigation.  The large demands of food around the world, especially those of the field product, demand increasingly invest in irrigation tech in the field, maximizing the use of electric power. At PSC, we have the leading brands of efficient pumping of water to ensure and monitor the optimization of energy, Centrifuges for Wells, horizontal and vertical pumps.


Fire Equipment. Security and capacity for immediate response is what makes the difference in a fire system, we have the world’s leading brand in pumps for services AC Fire Pump, listed UL and FM approved fire that guarantee the safety of our customers.


Wastewater.  Comply with global regulations is vital to ensuring sustainability on our planet. We are committed to our mission, so we offer the best solutions of mixed pumping and aeration for wastewater treatment plants, keeping as a premise, guaranteeing maximum energy saving.